Luke Warm is No Good

You can’t fake passion. You either have it for something or someone, or you don’t. That’s just the way it is.

But what you can do is create it. You create passion for something by learning about it, by getting to know it. By thinking and fantasizing about it.

How does this apply to developing a passion for achieving wellness? I’m famous for always telling people, “The more you know, the better you do.” There are an infinite number of ways you can get involved in wellness and learn about it. Just make the commitment to yourself. Write it down! Make realistic goals and give them deadlines!

Be prepared for mistakes, backsliding, relapsing into unhealthy ways. But don’t worry. As you strengthen your wellness state-of-mind, you’ll see that every single one of your mistakes only serves to teach you. Be grateful for the lesson. Focus on wellness and keep marching toward it, regardless of what may look like insurmountable obstacles. Go for it.


Breath is the Intelligence of the Body

Breathing for Health

Deep breathing calms your mind and nervous system. Deep breathing uses the diaphragm and abdomen more than “regular” breathing and can encourage a more relaxed and confident mood.  Deep breathing helps keep you in the moment and enhances mental clarity. If you practice yoga, deep breathing will help you take each pose longer, deeper and more healthfully.