“…the gift of wellness…”
“Ellen Freudberg is very intuitive in finding out what is wrong and knows how to help you make it better. She gave me the tools to begin healing myself. Working with her gives me the gift of wellness that just keeps on giving, day after day. Highly recommended.”
— Mare M.

“… different than any other coach I’ve ever worked with …”
“Ellen is a treasure and there is no one on Earth like her. What she has to offer is different than any other coach I’ve ever worked with. She has a unique journey to share. She is a survivor and thriver, and she has a gift to share that will inspire others to be their healthier best selves.”
— Dana S.

“…being healthy … is contagious…”
“When I first began to work with Ellie, I was overweight, depressed and uninspired. I was dissatisfied with my career and basically just watched TV at night and stuffed my face with all the processed junk food I could get my hands on. When Ellen first suggested I make “health my hobby,” I thought she was off her rocker and told her so. She asked me what my current hobby was. “Binge-watching Netflix,” I told her. That’s when I knew I had to change, and Ellen was there 100% of the time to support and guide me. After over a year of work with her, I am at my ideal weight, my fear of diabetes is gone (I never got it!), I work out, walk and stretch daily. The last time I ate junk food and sat all night in front of the  TV was quite a while ago. I have a better hobby now — being healthy. And it’s contagious — my wife is now on the “make health your hobby” program along with me.. Thank you, Ellen!”
— Fred B.